4 Amazing Tips for Choosing Perfect Toys for Your Kids

Almost any new toy can make a kid happy. Babies are not fussy about their toys, but their parents have to be. It’s because toys can be a lot more than merely playthings, and while they should be fun, at the same time they should even be stimulating, age-appropriate and safe.

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According to child psychologists, playing is extremely important for the mental, physical, social and emotional growth of children. Therefore, toys should be considered as growth-related learning tools.

You can get a vast array of kids’ toys at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop. While choosing among them, consider the following points.

1. Choose Simple Toys

Toys that feature many things don’t permit the children to use their own thought process. Dolls that give instructions to children to press buttons typically control the play situation when actually the child should control it. The best toys are usually the simplest one, such as blocks, since they enable children to use their own imagination and be spontaneous.

2. Limit Video Games and Electronic Toys

In today’s electronic age, it’s a waste of time to try to keep your children away from computers. However, it’s certainly possible to limit their usage. Studies have found that electronic toys can pose many dangers to children’s health and growth, including weight gain (due to being inactive while playing), hearing loss (because of loud toys) and delays in development.

Electronics can also have a negative impact on a child’s attention span. Toys that feature flashing lights and continuous changes as well as movements don’t need a child to give attention to any one thing for long. Therefore kids that play with these toys find it tough to concentrate on something like a non-moving toy or a book.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children below age 2 must not watch TV or play video games at all, while those above 2 should have a limited “screen time” of 1-2 hours every day.

3. Don’t Go for the So-called Educational Toys

Educational toys are getting a huge popularity and are playing on parents’ concern that their kids should learn as soon as and as much as possible to remain ahead in the future. Not all educational toys are bad, for example CDs that let children learn classical music or a foreign language.

But several baby toys or kids’ toys claim that they can bring about brain development or can generate mathematicians or early readers. Many of these claims have been found to lack any support. The actual educational toys are not flashy gizmos and gadgets making big promises, but are the staples that have given rise to creative thinkers for years.

4. Give Your Child Only a Few Toys at a Time

Parents are seen to be giving too many toys to their children too soon. This makes it hard for the child to focus on any one. It’s recommended that parents should rotate toys in and out of the toy box or room so that each toy will be reintroduced after every few weeks when it will look fresh and new.

The same toy, e.g. the Tiny Tiny Shop Shop’s kids playsets, can carry a kid through several different stages of development; hence don’t make a haste to substitute old toys with new ones. Even some basic toys like blocks go with so many developmental stages that parents need not replace them quickly to move to something ‘newer’.

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A playset simulating a doctor’s clinic, gas station or traffic signal can amuse a child through his various growth stages and let many skills develop like imagination, creativity, use of building, language, planning and construction principles.

Consider these points while choosing toys for your kids and that will give your kids toys that are perfect for fun and development.

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