4 sarees with detailed embroidery work on them


India is a land of varies cultures. And each culture has its own set of customs and dressing styles. One of the greatest wonders in India is the craftsmanship of the artists. Dance, music, painting, clothes, etc. all have given us some of the amazing art pieces to treasure all throughout our life. One such craft that stands out distinctly among others is the embroidered products. The art of embroidery has existed in India since ages and it has formed the base of various other flourishing art forms.

Saree is one such piece of clothing that has attracted the major attention of the craftsmen all over India. While these sarees are prepared by the local artisans in remote locations of the country, online saree shopping has made it quite easier for us to choose from among a wide range of options. Shopping websites bring a huge variety of saree collection on one platform and thus, it is easier for the customers to look at them and choose the best according to their choice.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the 4 popular styles of saree embroidery practiced in India.

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  1. Chikankari Sarees

This art of embroidery belongs to the land of Nawabs, Lucknow. It is an intricate and most delicate form of embroidery that is performed in India. It involves a great deal of patience from the artisans. Generally, it is created by printing block patterns on the cloth, and then the embroidery is done along the drawn pattern. To provide finishing to the piece, it is then washed to remove any extra print. Traditionally, chikankari was done only in white colour, but with time it has evolved and taken different colours into its ambit.

  1. Kantha Sarees

This art form originally belongs to Bengal and Odisha. It is one of the oldest form of embroidery and is widely known for its simplicity. Kantha work is performed by the local women artisans on soft dhotis and sarees. One interesting aspect about Kantha embroidery is that the thread used to weave the embroidery is taken from the edges of the cloth itself. Now a days, the artisans have evolved their style of embroidery by weaving several patterns of flowers, animals, etc. on the sarees. These sarees are highly popular, both in India and abroad. The material used in these sarees is that of soft silk sourced from Bengal.

  1. Phulkari Sarees

The second most popular thing that comes to our mid when we talk of Punjab is the art of Phulkari. It basically involves embroidering floral motifs on cloth. This embroidery is unique in its own way. The most interesting part about phulkari is that the motifs are embroidered on the back of the cloth so that the design is visible on the front. Generally, hand-spun or khadi cloth is used for this embroidery. The bright colours used in making these sarees makes them stand out from the others.

  1. Zardozi Sarees

Altogether different form of art, zardozi was originally practiced by the Persian artists. It involves sewing gold and silver thread into a fabric. While the original zardozi work involves the use of pure gold and silver, nowadays, a combination of silver and copper threads are used to carry out the embroidery. Its amazing shine and look is what makes zardozi sarees and lehengas one of the favourite outfits of women in India.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other forms of art like, patchwork, mirror work, etc. which dominate the scene in our country. Embroidery has its own class and value and so are the sarees manufactured using this art.

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