5 Amazing Luxury Watches with Unconventional Designs

Let’s take a look together at the top five best luxury watches and analyze the characteristics that make them unique. One of the main features to stay on top of the list in the luxury brand watches industry is to have an unconventional design, a design that will make you stand out from the crowd, a special design that will underline your personality and show that you are a unique individual and you have a strong personality.

These luxury watch brands are not only committed to excellent quality but also provide you with the latest features and at times easy browsing and multimedia content. They are all purpose and have class and style, which make them the best luxury watches ever existed:  the top luxury watch brands!

  1. Breguet is definitely one of the top luxury watch brands with over two hundred years tradition in the making of the best luxury watches!  Being part of the Swatch Group, now the marvelous luxury watches are made in Switzerland, at the Vallée de Joux, even though the brand was founded in Paris, back in 1775.  The class and style of this particularly luxury watch is obvious even for the people that are new to the luxury watches niche and it reflects perfectly the main characteristics of the Breguet brand, which are easily recognizable by “les connaisseurs”: the hand-crafted engine-turned motifs. The specific design with rounded multi-purpose dials showing not only the time, but the day of the week, the month of the year, the phases of the moon, the power reserve. When you speak about Breguet you speak about a tradition of being elegant in a classic timeless fashion!
  2. Ulysse Nardin is another top luxury watch brands featuring the most unconventional designs, using all kind of themes and having a multitude of collections with a large variety and many different styles.  You can find many different variations of the design in all of the six collections available in the market:  Marine, Diver, Classic, Executive, Freak and Jade.  But maybe the most outstanding from the point of view of being unconventional is one of their best luxury watches featuring a history theme with riders and knits, medieval warriors fighting. These motifs are called “the complications” of Ulysse Nardin and are characteristic to its style when we refer to the best luxury watches with unconventional designs!
  3.  Jaeger-LeCoultre is also among the top luxury watch brands, looked at as providing timeless unconventional excellence. The main feature in their designs is the rectangular shape of the watch and the most unconventional design is probably the double watch or “the twin” reverso duo. Almost every luxury watch from the Jaeger-LeCoultre has a design motif made by 3 lines below and above the dial which called a gadroon represents the main signature of the brand. Another interesting fact is that the artist of the brand makes use of the golden ratio in designing its best luxury watches.
  4. 4. Corum has many unconventional designs but we’ll mention at least two of them as the “best luxury watches” with an unconventional design: the first worth mentioning is Corum Bubble with an 18.8 mm domed shaped sapphire crystal which distorts and magnifies the image of the dial creating an interesting visual effect. The second one is in the Golden Bridge collection, is made from 18 carat gold and the pieces of the watch are moving forming a bridge and a golden dragon. Just amazing!
  5. Chopard means extravagance in the world of the luxury brand watches. Their diamond watches collection and the lush styles and designs, make them the watches for the rich. Everything about them is showing opulence, richness, and power. The designs are not very intricate but the size is sometimes bigger than other brands, so basically a Chopard will act as a magnet to the eyes.

Other characteristics for the best luxury watches:

They are executed from exquisite very expensive materials, made to last forever and endure any kind of environment from the sandy desert, to the heavy rains and snows, a large range of working temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius up to +50 degrees, most of them are waterproof, resisting at water columns deeper than 20-30 meters. They are rust proof and usually, they have very smart locks and easy release strap integrated mechanisms, they are shock resistant and scratch proof and they will look amazing with your suit or your t-shirt! Some luxury brand watches are designed to appeal to the high class being embedded with precious stones, crystals and diamonds, while others are more modern and sport, revealing parts of the working mechanism in an artistic way. The best luxury watches are all in one a beautiful piece of jewelry by themselves.

Another very important characteristic of the top luxury watch brands is the comfort in wearing the watches. They are solid but feel weightless, having soft straps or rounded corners, protection pads made from anti-allergenic materials that will touch your wrist in a gentle and soft manner. Wearing them you should forget their existence until you need them to provide you with the right information.

The perfection of the best luxury watches is in the carefully designed details. Doesn’t matter if we talk about a classic man watch or a sports watch, they all give you that distinction, a perfume of masculinity, a sensation of power, elegance, and refinement, and a rush of adrenaline!

The women’s watches are created as per the fashion rules so sometimes the straps can be easily interchanged with similar ones of different colors to match their outfit.  Other times the watches are mounted on amazing and complex jewelry bracelets.

When we talk about top luxury watch brands and luxury brand watches we are not only referring to the most well-known brands but also to the new comers on the watches market, the new designer and the new brands who won the latest international competitions for design, functionality or originality in the luxury watch industry.

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