Bridesmaid Dresses Buying Guide You Need To Know

Though choosing bridesmaid dresses is not an easy task, it is considered as one of the most exciting parts of the bridal planning process. Of course, every bride wants to make their wedding memorable. One way to achieve it is by giving your bridesmaids a great look.

Inviting special women to be your bridesmaids, such as your sisters, cousins, lifelong friends or special family friends, is a great way to seal friendships in this special occasion. When you choose Melbourne bridesmaid dresses, whether you do it on your own or along with your gals, is an essential part of the practice.

Dress colors

Bridesmaid dresses should match up your wedding’s color scheme. This covers the decor, the flowers, the venue and your dress as a bride. One of the most common options is the classic black dress as it is easy to harmonize with almost all other elements.

Planning for a spring wedding? Pastels prove to be in style. But, these colors do not consistently look good on ladies with darker skin tones. Thus, careful selection is highly recommended. You can instead opt for green as its various tones and shades can match with a variety of complexions.

Dress styles

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, an extensive variety of style is available. Ball gown, sheath dress, a-line and empire are common dress styles that flatter a range of body types. Ball gown is best for women with hourglass and pear figures, as well as athletic or slim physiques. Sheath dress fits perfectly for women with small or hourglass figure.

On the other hand, a-line and empire suits almost any figure of a woman, including petite and full figured women. Empire style dress is also good for a pregnant woman.

Dress lengths

The popular option for bridesmaid dresses is a full-length dress especially in a formal environment in which the dress of a bride is also long. Another good options are tea dresses for bridesmaids, with a skirt falling everywhere just beyond the ankle to just beneath the knee. Your besties may also opt for a cocktail length dress.

If your bridesmaids have different heights and figure types and you think they could not feel comfortable in matching the dress, a good alternative is to pick the colors and the fabrics. Then, allow your girls to choose the dress style they prefer the most.

Classic looks for your bridesmaids

Any sort of evening dress, formal gown and semi-formal gown can be selected as your bridesmaid’s gown. Crepe, brocades, lace, organza, satin, tulle and georgette are all classic fabrics perfectly suited for bridesmaid dresses. The decision you will make will be based on your budget, whether you opt for imported laces and silk laces or depend on more reasonable alternatives.

Bridesmaid dresses don’t necessarily need to be similar. They can all have the same color, style and fabric. A matron or maid of honor can wear another color of the dress. Since not every style compliments everyone, you must be careful in deciding the final design or cut.

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