5 Tips For Buying Canadian Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry offers the opportunity to express individuality. It also makes a great conversation starter and talking point.

When it comes to wedding jewelry, custom designs help cement the start of a long and happy life together. The average Canadian wedding costs $8,937, but it’s worth adding the cost of custom rings as a future investment.

If you’re in Calgary custom jewelry has never been more appealing or easy to find. Read on for our five tips to buying custom jewelry.

1. Get Recommendations

If you’re looking for custom-made engagement rings, you need a jeweller you can trust. Ask friends and family for recommendations in your local area.

Ask to speak to jewellers beforehand. You want to feel some kind of chemistry with the artist creating the jewelry if possible.

Check their previous work and choose someone whose work you like. While they won’t re-use existing designs, they may incorporate flourishes or signature techniques. Make sure you like those before you start.

2. Start Early for a Custom Made Wedding Ring

Custom jewelry takes longer than ready-made for obvious reasons. You need time to finalize the design and identify the right stones and metals.

Make sure everything is perfect in the build-up to creation. If they show you mock-ups, examine them closely. If they provide prototypes, try them on (if the jewelry is for you).

Otherwise, you risk disappointment when the piece is finished, and it’s not what you wanted.

For custom wedding rings, leave at least a month to finalize your design. More time is better, to avoid making rushed decisions.

3. Try Out Different Options

Don’t feel you need to accept the first design you see. If you’re going for a customized engagement ring, try different settings or stones. Compare the difference between yellow gold and rose gold.

Make the most of the customization process.

Consider the other jewelry you already own to make sure your new design fits your aesthetic. If you’re buying custom jewelry as a gift, check what the lucky recipient likes before you come up with designs.

4. Know Your Stones

Research the stones before you start. You might know you want diamonds.

But have you considered rubies, emeralds, or moonstone? Research their meanings to make sure you choose a custom design that best reflects your personality.

If the jewelry is a gift, see what stones the recipient likes. Or go with their birthstone for an extra personal touch.

5. Buy Several Pieces At Once

If you want custom engagement rings and wedding rings, why not buy them from the same jeweller? You can be sure that they’ll look amazing together.

You can also choose a design that means the engagement and wedding ring work together as a unit. Or ensure the bride and groom have matching wedding bands.

What better way to symbolize your commitment to each other?

In Calgary, Custom Jewelry Isn’t Far Away

Custom jewelry lets you express your personality. Your jewelry can be as individual as you are!

And if you’re in Calgary custom jewelry is easy to come by. Get in touch and discuss your custom needs.

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