Engagement Ring Buying and Jewellery Insurance Guidance

If you are ready to pop the question to your partner, all you require is the ring. But with so much choice on the market for finding that perfect piece, where do you start? Well.. follow the simple guidelines below on not only how to select an engagement ring but also on the importance of purchasing Wedding Ring Insurance – Engagement Ring Insurance from a respected broker.

Is The Price Right?

Firstly, you do not need to follow convention. There is an old rule that says you have to pay for 1-3 months salary on an engagement ring. However, as we know, the rules are created to be broken. Because when it comes to cash, there should not be a one size fits all strategy, how much you spend on a ring is entirely up to you. An alternative is to purchase at an auction house, and you never know exactly what hidden jewels you’ll discover especially if a fair price is going.

Material Matters

The ring does not have to be diamonds with a silver or gold band; rather you might be interested in selecting from a number of stylish metals. Stainless steel, for instance, does not tarnish and is gaining popularity as it is comparatively cheap. Combined metals can also be an excellent way to get the perfect colour you are after – couples have had rings created from onyx and turquoise. Another thing to think about can be your partner’s lifestyle. A band of diamonds may be a good choice for an active person that will wear their ring regularly; a big rock will likely only get in the way. A group of smaller diamonds can also be more inexpensive than one large stone.

The Four C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.

You need to think about diamond size and at this stage. It is advisable to get educated about different cuts, colours, clarity and carat if you do desire a precious stone. The last matter when purchasing an engagement ring is to give yourself time. You may very well not locate the one in merely just a single visit to a jeweller. You have to make a choice an excellent one, so don’t ruin it.

Jewellery Insurance

So when you have made your decision, the next detail is in Jewellery Insurance. Chelsea Insurance Brokers give a complete, but unobtrusive insurance service for discerning customers who would like to safeguard their assets and properties, however, do not have time or interest to search for suitable insurance companies and get estimates. Their products contain contents and house protection for properties that require a lot more than typical coverage, rather worldwide cover for Valuables and Collectables including marriage rings and watches. They are market insurance agents managing a small number of private customers who receive and expect the very best service quality. Contact Chelsea Insurance today and shield your assets and properties with an insurance company that is globally respected.

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