Engagement ring with black diamonds- How to choose?

A romantic symmetrical process an Engagement ring with black diamonds! This design is for those who appreciate a more classic style. Black diamond engagement ring collection is handcrafted in USA and set only the highest quality black diamonds. These stunning pieces are appropriate for any lover of luxurious and will be appropriate for the one-of-a-kind attractiveness in your life. Actually, you can shop black diamond engagement rings easily for your beloved one.

Black Diamond

Generally, people connect the “Black” color with death and grief. Yet, black is also recognized with authority, power, durability, certainty and passion. So, it will not be wrong to say, a black engagement ring is the symbol of couple’s love and passion, and strength of their commitments.

Is black diamond really “black”?

Diamond is observed in many colors – like yellow, pink and blue etc. Black diamond is not exactly black, rather it’s numerous dark inclusions as well as microscopic deposits of sulfides in the stone which impact dark color to it. Most naturally happening black diamonds are not uniformly black, instead have a grayish appearance.

The black diamond that we find in market is solid in color and is nearly opaque. The solid black color is rendered to dark-colored diamond using colour enhancement method. Due to solid black color, there is no refraction of light. So, diamond appears opaque. However having said that, black diamond has its special shine.

Will it suit my personality?

Engagement ring with black diamonds is absolutely for you, if you like the aura of mystery and charm, and don’t fear experimenting new stuffs in your existence. If you choose your engagement ring to spell out sophistication and style, then go for an engagement ring with black diamond.

Is black diamond inexpensive?

Yes, black diamond is definitely inexpensive than a white diamond. It’s cost can vary great deal on factors like – color, cut and carat. Whether the stone is natural or color-enhanced, plays a major role in identifying the price of black diamond.

What about durability?

Black diamond is as hard as any kind of other diamond. So, a black diamond ring be as durable from white diamond ring. Nevertheless, an engagement ring with black diamond is completely suitable for daily wear, and it doesn’t abrade or wear down easily.

Which shape to go for?

As black diamonds do not refract light, they are normally cut round, oval or square. These designs do justice to the solid deep black color and look best as solitaire in black engagement rings.

Which will be the perfect setting for my black diamond engagement ring?

This is a very genuine question. Usually, while setting any other gem or diamond, it’s essential to examine passage of light to enable refraction and reflection of light to take place. This is done to ensure gem sparkles at its perfect. Black diamond rings look perfect when set in prong, pave or channel setting.

If a black diamond quite blends with your personality, then choose it!

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