Here are some tips to apply mascara

Have you ever watched a commercial for Yo unique mascara and wondered how you could achieve that same look? Did you immediately rush out to buy the latest one that came out?

Well it’s not just the brand of mascara you buy that will give you that long, luscious lash look. It’s also how you apply it. It’s not just about the shape of the wand or the formula of the mascara in the tube. There is such a thing as proper mascara application and here’s some simple tips.

  1. The Product: You do want good product, it will make a difference. For a more natural long lash look, more for everyday where, Younique mascara is excellent. It’s not only waterproof, but it’s great for everyday more natural lash look.

For a more dramatic, almost fake lash look, choose Cover Girl’s Lash Blast. Their original in the orange & teal is phenomenal, as is their newest addition, which adds excellent length as well as volume.

  1. Multiple coats: One coat just isn’t going to cut it. At least two coats are best, especially for that full, flared lash look. Be sure to allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.
  2. Avoid Clumps: To avoid your lashes from getting that overly clumpy look, use a clean, disposable wand to slide through the lashes to remove excess build up. You also want to make sure that your mascara isn’t expired, as it will be more clumpy than new mascara.
  3. Apply it right: Start at the base of your lashes and using a side to side motion, wiggle the Younique mascara wand up from the roots of the lashes and out to the tips. This will fully saturate your lashes without causing them to be clumpy.

These are four simple steps that will help you have the fabulous lashes you only thought possible in Cover Girl commercials!

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