How To Use Raw Smoky Quartz To Make Your Life Better

Raw smoky quartz is an interesting mineral. Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the world. Traditional quartz is just white, but smoky quartz delivers a gray color, though some can actually be black. Made primarily of silicon dioxide, quartz makes up 20 percent of the earth’s mantle.

It’s a pretty crystal that can be a good centerpiece. However, that’s not what you’re getting smoky quartz for. You want it for its metaphysical properties. If you’re not familiar with smoky quartz, then here’s a simple guide to ensure that you get the most out of it.

The Meaning Behind It

Before anything else, you’ll need to know the meaning behind smoky quartz. The stone is considered as the national stone of Scotland. This is because of the country’s long association with it. This stems from the fact that the ancient druids considered this crystal as a stone of power. To them, it signified the power of the Earth and other cultures recognized this.

The druids and the Celts first mined this crystal back in pre-Christian times. They especially favored the dark versions that were called morion. These stones then soon became a prominent part of Highland jewelry. There are several variants to smoky quartz and metaphysical experts have refined their usage over the years.

Proper Usage

The most basic use of smoky quartz is its ability to cleanse and protect. If you want it to be passive and useful, place smoky quartz in your front door so as to prevent the entrance of negative energies. It can also be used by placing it in a room for the same purpose.

The power of the Earth is strong in smoky quartz and it allows you to ground yourself. If you ever feel unbalanced and need to center yourself, enhance your meditation by holding a piece of smoky quartz in your hand. For those who are flighty and feel scattered, smoky quartz can help you gather yourself and keep your feet on the ground.

The ability to absorb negative energies and repurpose them is what makes smoky quartz a solid reputation as a healing crystal. If you are feeling panicked or are having headaches, it’s all the negative energies flowing through you. Take a piece of smoky quartz in each hand and point them down towards the ground. They’ll absorb all of that negativity and send it down back into the Earth.

Smoky quartz is also great as an amulet of protection. You already know how to use it to cleanse your home and keep it safe, but you can also do it for yourself and your car. Wear it on yourself to avoid accidents and harm. It is also useful as a driving crystal – place it in your car and it will get more effective over time. It protects you from all the negativity of being stuck in traffic and makes long journeys more bearable.

Finally, if you need some help in quitting smoking, smoky quartz can help. All the impatience and anger that nicotine withdrawal can be taken away by centering yourself on a piece of smoky quartz.

Raw smoky quartz removes negative frequencies and provides a good protection to its user. Check out Earth’s Elements and start your regular cleansing today.

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