Is He Ready to Pop the Question?

As a woman in a committed relationship, do you get the sense that your guy may be ready to pop the big question?

The thought of getting engaged and married is something countless women dream of.

That said having the engagement plans come off as smooth as possible is important to both people.

For the woman, she wants in most cases to have a surprise and see her guy get down on one knee to propose.

Meantime, the man can feel a fair amount of pressure. Will he end up getting the right ring? Will money be an issue in securing the ring of her dreams? Of most importance, will she say yes?

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Helping Your Guy in the Process

If you want to make things a tad easier on your guy during the engagement process, remember a few tips:

  1. Money – Given some guys fret over the cost of an engagement ring, let him know you’re not looking to break the bank. Whether reviewing original morganite rings or others, don’t discount rings less in price. Some women will put a part of the money towards the ring, though there’s no obligation to do so.
  2. Marriage – With an engagement ring, it is only natural to think wedding bells (see more below). It is imperative both individuals are ready in both a physical and emotional sense for a wedding. If one or both of you have major debt at the moment, do not assume it will go away by joining forces as husband and wife. Although two incomes together can help, troubles can still shine their ugly head. Two people should only think marriage after taking plenty of time to talk things through.

  1. Surprise – If you spend time searching for a ring together, will you show surprise when he gives it to you? For many guys, the surprised look and reaction one gets is so worth it. With that thought in mind, do your best to act surprised even if you know the ring is coming. Sharing that moment together as a couple is one of the best things the two of you will do.

Going from Engagement to Wedding

Once the engagement ring is in-hand, the notion of exchanging vows is a real possibility.

Sure, some couples seem to be together for many years before (or if) that walk down the aisle occurs.

If the two of you are talking wedding plans, consider the following:

  • Where to get married? – While many end up with traditional weddings, others opt for a beach, mountains, or even a parent’s backyard. No matter where you end up deciding to go, put some time into planning it. Given many brides look at their wedding day as the biggest one in their life, make it as special as you can.

  • Where to live? – Depending on your circumstances and of course family, deciding where to live can be hard. Weigh the pros and cons of leaving your current homes for something brand new. For some couples, the idea of getting a fresh start will appeal to them.
  • When to start a family? – Last but not least, the idea of starting a family is a very real thing for many couples. Before you even consider raising a young one, make sure you are both in good financial shape. As much as having a baby may excite both of you, you want to be sure you bring them into a loving and safe world with finances.

If you think your guy is ready to pop the question, what will your answer be?


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