Jewelry with Emotion

No we aren’t referring to the ever-popular mood rings of yesteryear. We’re presenting the latest in jewelry – fingerprint jewelry.

If you’ve never seen or heard about fingerprint jewelry, it might sound a little strange. Basically, it is just what it sounds like and more. Fingerprint jewelry is a unique process that captures the digital resolution of a fingerprint, simple drawing, pet paw print and more onto a charm, pendant, ring, dog collar, and more.  

A lock of hair encapsulated in a tiny pendant vile or a few grains of a cremated friend or parent have become common in recent years, but a little old-fashioned? Although those methods also bring out sentimental emotions, there is nothing like being able to touch and feel your loved one’s genuine fingerprint whenever you desire. It is the definition of jewelry with emotion and brings about a special tenderness, and warm feelings.

The technique is becoming more popular yet finding jewelers who can offer this custom, made-to-order style is somewhat rare. Experienced fingerprint jewelers love to help create pieces that are highly memorable and unique.

Jeff Ross, founder and CEO of Dimples, started offering their fingerprint line of custom and pre-set styles after having their first child.  At the time, Jeff owned a jewelry store and decided to make a fingerprint charm of their tiny son’s finger as a Mother’s Day gift for his wife, Patti. When friends, neighbors, and others in the community saw his work they all wanted their own. Patti explains, “Because of this, we started Dimples! We have a reverence for the small moments in life that become significant. It is often the spontaneous moments that are the most memorable. Those heartwarming moments are the memories you cherish. We aren’t in the jewelry business. We are on a mission to help people around the globe capture life’s precious moments and turn them into treasured memories.”

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How to Purchase Fingerprint Jewelry

Although there are a few fingerprint jewelry websites, they are not all the same caliber. Here is a checklist to help you get started.

  • Locate a jeweler that specializes in custom fingerprint jewelry.
  • Decide on whether you want to start a charm bracelet, or imprint on wedding bands, pendants or another piece of precious metal jewelry. (Note: Some couples are imprinting one another’s fingerprints on their wedding bands!)
  • Discuss styles and metal selections with the jeweler. Generally, fingerprint jewelry can be done using 10K, 14K, and 18K gold (white, rose, yellow). Yellow gold is beautiful and 18K provides the brightest and warmest hues. White gold comes in a bit of a variety of whites, so if you want the whitest white, make sure to specify this preference.
  • Make fingerprints and digitize them. You can always send the jeweler the fingerprints via snail mail; however a digital print of a very clear and clean print is actually best. You can scan or take a photo to see which most clearly represents the fingerprints.
  • A great fingerprint jeweler will provide a proof prior to casting the final piece.

That’s all there is to your part of the process! Fingerprint jewelry is the best choice for sentimental jewelry that stirs emotion. Be sure to move quickly if you want to create the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other special day!

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