LoveVivah Will Help You Find the Best Matches in Telugu Matrimony

Telugu can be defined as a regional language used in India predominantly by the people of Andra Pradesh and Telangana. The people belonging to these regions also share similar ideologies and traditions. One among the undisputed celebrations when it comes to joy and happiness in the Telugu culture are weddings.

How LoveVivah changed Telugu Matrimony searches

Telugu Matrimony depended mostly on the offline method of matchmaking for finding the significant other. These methods are good but limit the possibility of knowing other prospects entirely. This was when the community shifted to online matrimonial sites. But then again the level of authenticity puzzled many.

It was because of the fake accounts that plagued online matrimonial sites. This was when LoveVivah started their service in Telugu matrimony. The company was adamant to break all the stereotypes that were attached to online matrimony sites. LoveVivah showed that there was a way to prove the authenticity of hosted profiles on their website.

You Will See Only Verified Profiles on Lovevivah

They brought in a regulation that mandated all accounts must link Aadhaar to their profiles. This was a game changer in terms of curating the website.  Thus, making every account a valid and original one.

Needless to say, LoveVivah took the Telugu Matrimony field by storm. Now users could access their website and connect with other profiles knowing that they are talking to the right person. This made LoveVivah the first Indian matrimony site to have profiles liked with Aadhaar.

Talking about connecting, LoveVivah made some modifications to the website that changed it for the better. The users can now chat with other profiles. This is a very handy feature as now there will be no ambiguity that would exist between profiles.

The Telugu community is specific about the caste and religion when it comes to marriages. This is why had made the task of finding the best matches for you an easy one by introducing filters.

Filter Profiles to Find the Perfect One!

You can add in details of the type of person you want to marry. The age, the height, religion, caste, etc. can be filtered to find the person you were looking for! Moreover, you can use the LoveVivah app to access the same features that the website offers. You will not miss a beat as you can edit your profile or search for profiles on the platform using your mobile phone.

If you think that these many features will come at a hefty cost, you couldn’t be any more wrong! You can register yourself free at LoveVivah without paying a single dime. You will have to pat only if you choose to go for premium membership option. Again there are many benefits that are only accessible to premium accounts.

If you are in search of your future spouse, then your search ends here! You can trust LoveVivah to find you the soulmate you were looking for! If you have any doubts about how the system works or any other quires, you can connect with the LoveVivah Customer care to have all your questions answered!


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