Make it interesting because missionary is boring!

If you have got a lot of experience in bed, but it has become routine and unexciting, you should surely try out a few other things. There are a lot of elements which you can add to bed and make it exciting. But for that you should be committed to change your routine bed habits and be flexible in trying new things.

One thing you should do is to read about different methods, techniques, positions and toys which you can use during your intercourse. You should also understand how safe and risky these things are. Reading and researching about this stuff is important before getting into it. Understand that you don’t have experience so start with the easiest ones and increase the difficult level as your learning curve improves.

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Make sure you have selected the right outfit for each time you try something new. Lingerie plays an important role in many activities like foreplay. You can buy all the items online. Online, you would get the best uk bondage toys, lingerie and much more! That is the easiest and safest way to get all the amazing things and kick-start your adventure.

Being the woman on mission, you should also make sure that you have shared this idea with your partner and he/she is okay with it. This is a crucial part in exploration. Your partner should also be as flexible as you are in trying different things. Make sure he/she reads and explores content online as much as you do so that you guys are on the same page when trying.

Making your sex life interesting gives you a lot of experience which you have never got before. It changes you from inside. Sometimes it helps you bring out your inner self and you sometimes discover a new you. So, stop shying and start trying.

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