Men’s Biggest Denim Trends in the Past Ten Years: From Jeans and Jacket with Embroidered Iron on Patches to Dad Denim

When it comes to the denim trend, there will always be purists who will say that dark and unsullied denim is the only kind of denim worth investing in because of the longevity and versatility of the design. While most people will agree to some extent, denim has evolved since the Levi Strauss rivet that started in 1873 and Jacob W. Davis’ denim designs.

Denim is the 20th century’s most popular and most iconic garment. The Blue denim jean is overripe for most fashion designers to experiment. Some use embroidered design(some designers have their own designs while others look for online store for iron on patches to get a pre-made design), while some bleached the denim for a more vintage look.

Right now, it is trying to make a comeback, but don’t be afraid, Bootcut is not making a comeback. But to make sure that you are not lagging on what’s happening in the fashion world, we will give you a look at what’s trending this 2018, in regards to denim fashion.

Double Denim

Two words that will make Justine Timberlake chill right down to his bone is double denim. It is not the most comfortable get-up to pull off, and when it goes wrong, it will go wrong, but if you can get it right, it will have a big payoff. It is a men’s wear equivalent of beef Wellington or a backflip.

You need time and practice to get it right. According to Tony Cook, an editor in Farfetch menswear, “It is high time to go all out with denim.” “People should tackle the trend by matching blue denim jacket with straight-cut, dark jeans for a classier approach, or pair it with skinny black jeans and a blue denim shirt for a casual look.

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The majority of your attempt to recreate the denim’s popularity should focus on ensuring that both denims, the jacket, the shirt, and the jeans, are visibly different. Just like wearing two blue washes, you should break things up wearing a gray sweatshirt or white shirt. If you want to be unique, you can pair it with a blue knit, but it won’t be a safe option.

Nineties Denim

If you don’t know that the world had been crazy over nineties men’s wear, you have been living under a soundproof rock. It is during the 90’s that denim has been most popular. According to Topman’s buying director, Rachel Morgans, “Classical gray wash denim jeans are trying to make a comeback, and the wash gives the design a more authentic and vintage look.” What makes this trend very popular is its loose fit and pale finish.

So, you need to make sure that you will think about the color and the cut of your kit that you are planning to use. It means that, in practice, 90’s denim jeans are more comfortable with color-block staples like hoodies and sweatshirts, paired with dark shoes, and a little weight in your bottom half.

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White Denim

White denim jeans can still make any man or woman go crazy, especially when barbecue season comes around. But learning how to rock this garment without looking like a trashy banker, will not only save you from wearing black during the smoldering hot sun of summer, it will also enhance any tan lines you are working on.

“White denim is something everyone is trying to stay away from because they don’t know how to use it or don’t know how to fit it in their everyday wardrobe,” says Nas Abraham, known stylists. The secret in pulling off this look is to use fit white denim, not too lose, not too skinny. You also need to look for off-white rather than use a stark shade. You also need to go with a more straightforward and classic look for the rest of your ensemble.

Turn-Ups and Denims

Are you feeling the heat from the success of athleisure? Jeans manufacturers have made changes in recent years. They have introduced a cropped-up style that can give a leg-up to what is below. After years and years of pinrolled denim jeans, menswear’s enthusiasts are turning up altogether, and that’s for a good reason.

“By putting up the hem higher, you are adding a completer and more different look on your denim,” says Abraham. “Because most jeans have a lower hem that sits below your ankle, using a turn-up will make sure that the hem will stop bunching up above your shoes and beautifully expose your ankles.

It gives an added fascinating look and stops cankles from happening. Turn-ups are usually used on rigid denim that will easily retain the folds. You should try pairing it with indigo selvedge jeans and finishing it with Chelsea boots or rugged worker. You can also use a pair of sneakers if you can’t handle a little breeze in your ankle area.

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Dad Denims

Just like any enduring men’s staple, each season means that you need to tweak your wardrobe to achieve a winning formula. But even the biggest denim nerds saw dad denim to make a comeback. Unsurprisingly, there a ton of things that can go wrong with dad denim trend. Think about the loose, faded denim that your old man is wearing when he is doing gardening work during the summer.

Think about what Simon Cowell is wearing and you will be on the right track. “The sudden resurgence of dad denim has been pushed by most designers for a long time, both new and high-end fashion designers. It is starting to make a trend because of its unpretentious, unfussy and vintage look, whether it is cheap or with a high price tag.

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Fortunately, most famous designers are trying to make affordable designs to make sure that everyone can enjoy dad denim without breaking the bank. Dad denim is a shade that perfectly works with everything, from boxy overshirts to color block shirts. In short, if you feel basic and relaxed wearing it, it means you are rocking dad denim right. Just make sure that you leave the dad dance moves inside the closet.

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