Quick Guide For Grandparents Hosting Grandkids For Christmas

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is special. There are times when a child finds more comfort in the company of their grandma or grandpa, or when a child makes it easier to confide to them rather than to their parents (and even friends). Nonetheless, there are also times when some grandkids seem to get scared, anxious, or lonely while they are at their grandparents’ house, especially during occasions when they’re supposed to be at home or with their parents — like the holidays.

At times like this, grandparents should know how to handle the situation. Dolling up the house with an awesome granddaughter or a grandson Christmas ornament is one way; hosting exciting activities is another. In this article, we’re giving grandparents a quick guide on how to host grandkids for the holidays.

Plan ahead. Make your house child-friendly and jazz rooms up with eye-catching or personalized decors like a granddaughter or a grandson Christmas ornament.

Never disregard parental rules. Though grandparents are known to love spoiling grandkids, be careful not to step over the limits. Negotiate with your children beforehand and come up with a set of rules that don’t entirely neglect the parental rules they have at their homes.

Engage your grandkids in different holiday activities. Here are some activities you can try while you spend the Christmas season with your grandchildren:

* Sledding or ice skating. Having a white Christmas? If you’re a family of adventure-seekers, one of the most exciting things you can do during the holidays is sledding. You can also be the cool grandma or grandpa by teaching your grandkid how to ice skate.

* Taking them to Santa. Most children are enamored by the idea of seeing Santa Claus in person. Take a trip to the local mall and make sure to take a photo of them. Or if you want the holidays to be more special, you can even dress up as the Santa while you give your gift to them.

* Building a gingerbread house. If you’re looking for a twist on how to enjoy sweet treats this holiday, building a gingerbread house is a great choice. You’re not only letting your grandkids’ creativity out, but you also get to bond with them as you create a masterpiece and eat them afterward.

* Hosting a tea party. If you want a “less messy” alternative, hosting a tea party may appeal to you. You can even turn it to a dress-up party complete with costumes and tea party staples.

* Attending a local production of a holiday favorite. The holidays are also the perfect time to let your grandkids know and watch classic holiday productions like “A Christmas Carol” or the “Nutcracker.”

* Making your grandkids cups of hot chocolate. Simply share your love for grandkids by preparing them warm cups of hot chocolate. You can also tell them stories about their parents while they were young, or look into old photos to complete the heartwarming experience.

Teach them the importance of giving. Involve your grandkids in shopping for gifts you will be giving to your loved ones. Apart from giving them a granddaughter or a grandson Christmas ornament, you can also let them get their own for the other members of the family or clan. Let them know that the true spirit of the holidays is in giving and sharing joy.

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