Ray Ban Sunglasses for style and protection

Ray ban is the most popular brand in sunglasses that you will hear from most of the people. Ray Ban is the best when it comes to styling as well as protection against direct sunlight, harmful UV rays of the sun and bright glare of the high intensity lighting that can cause vision problems. So, if you are thinking of buying Ray Ban glasses then you need to consider following points such as:

Sun protection: Sun protection is the main reason why most of the people do wear sun glasses. These sunglasses cut the Ultraviolet radiation of the sun and protect your eyes from getting damaged by the radiation. The exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause Cataracts, eye cancer, and many other types of eye diseases. An efficient lens can block ultraviolet radiation by 99 to 100 percent which means that your eyes will be safe.

Glare reduction: A high intensity light glare is more than enough to make you unable to see anything around you and this is why people wear special type of sunglasses which are mirror glasses. These glasses act as a mirror which reflects most of the glare and allows only small amount of light to pass through it which provides you with clear vision. Glares of the sun at rivers, sea, and snow can easily make it difficult for you to look around you. When the sunlight falls on the lens surface it is reflected back to the sky providing you with clear vision.

Eye strain reduction: Sunglasses also reduce the strain on the eye pupil. A pupil is a part of the eye which decides how much light should enter in the sensitive part of your eye. The pupil contracts and shrinks to control the amount of light that should enter in your eye. This frequent contraction and shrinkage can cause a lot of strain in your eye.

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