Seed Bead Production: How to make the perfect one

Have you ever wondered what seed bead production entails? Well, if you have seen this bead before, you will attest to the fact that they are like seeds, and it may surprise you to know that the production of these seed beads is not a herculean task as you may think. Seed beads are standard for their significant use in craft works, they are mostly spherically shaped, and a flat end characterizes these beads – this enables them to be strung together correctly. Get this; seed bead is often a generic name for small beads that are usually round. They are mostly used in off-loom and loom beading but can also be used as spacers in separating other beads in jewelry.

I know the feeling when you try to pass a string through a tiny hole. Smack! It’s always full of trial and error, and you may end up not achieving that. In a bid to avoid this in seed bead production, a long needle specially designed for such scenario comes in handy, and it is called the beading needle.

The two primary methods used in seed bead production are the drawn and the wound process. While the wound technique is more time consuming archaic, the drawn method is somewhat a modern approach and is easier to carry out. The wound method of seed bead making involves heating gather, a chunk of glass composed mainly of silicon in an iron bar until it melts. Another metal bar is inserted into the gather, and the two rods separated quickly to form a long glass rod. The resulting rod is cut into smaller bars for easy handling.  One of these rods is heated again and wound around a hot wire made of metal; this creates a ring of glass that is further processed to become smoother and round. This process is repeated, and the glass rings are slipped off when the hot metal wire cools.  On the other hand, the drawn method involves creating an air bubble in the gather; this produces a long tube as the rods are drawn apart instead of rods. When the resulting tube cools, it is cut into rings which are tumbled to get rid of sharp edges and then used as seed beads.

Anyone who is into bead crafting requires a lot of the seed beads because they are tiny. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase such beads in wholesale quantity. Then again, the seed beads come in different varieties and colors but regular sizes. While some of the seed beads are multicolored, others are lined with glass or uniformly colored. Also, the quality of seed beads varies because some manufacturers fail to use the exact technique for seed beads production. Seed beads made using the exact method are smoother and appropriately shaped – virtually everyone who loves bead or does crafting will not like to miss out on it.

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