Six tips for Bridesmaid dress

Congratulations!! to the bride-to-be. The wedding is the most significant event in a girl’s life, a milestone in fact. You want to make it happen with your loved ones around. You carefully choose who is going to be a bridesmaid. After taking everything in account, those who stayed with you through thick and thin it’s time to make them feel special by giving them the wonderful opportunity to stay closer while you are going to live your fantasy. You can gift all your tribal, bridesmaid dresses.

  1. Finding a dress that suits all:  A dress that can suit all of the bridesmaids is crucial. A sweetheart neck may suit one, and the other may look like beef spilling out. Some look good on voluptuous bodies but for those other mortals (read petite) beings a bodycon is a big fail. Consult and ask your bridesmaid squad prior to the wedding. Give them the opportunity to try out the dress.
  1. Match with the theme: the dress you chose must have something in common with your wedding dress or the theme of the wedding. If the color of your own dress is ivory. There should be a piece of garment that is of an ivory color. They can use hair accessory that matches the embellishment used on the bride’s dress.


  1. Reason the season: Reason the season means consider the season of the wedding. You can wear velvet in the winters but for summer weddings use fabrics like cotton, chiffon etc. The prints of the dress can be floral in the summer.
  1. Comfort level: The comfort level of your bridesmaid should be high. Let her choose and try the dress. Tell her the budget. Giving her the opportunity to have a say will make her feel more valued. You can not just push her to wear her something that can make her look terrible as per her comfort level.
  1. Reusable dress: A dress that can be used again is a win-win for everyone. Your girlfriends would be more overjoyed if they can get a dress that can be worn later in the future occasions.
  1. Shop during sales: in the beginning and end of the season sales are a popular time to shop. If you know the date of your wedding quite long time before your wedding or even if the wedding is around a season sale Go for it girl!! Save money by making deals.

The one last tip apart from what is mentioned above is making DIY Bridesmaid dresses.Check the trends that are in vogue. Browse through magazines. It is as tough and tricky to choose a dress is for your flock as choosing a bridal dress. See what color shades are in trends and blend these styles to make a statement. Be creative, for a wedding that is taking placebeachside, the bridesmaid can wear flower tiaras with floor length dresses. The length of the bridesmaid dress should not be more than the length of the bridal dress.

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