The Biggest Wedding Ring Trends of 2019

Picking a wedding ring is tricky now that there are so many options to choose from. You have hundreds of styles and even more individual designs to choose from. You can also add your own personal touches and customize the wedding ring. Knowing how special the ring will be for the rest of your life, going the extra mile is definitely recommended.

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Before you start reviewing your options and choosing a wedding ring, it is a good idea to take a look at the latest trends and new designs. These are great sources of inspiration. So, what are the biggest wedding ring trends of 2019? Let’s find out, shall we?


Today’s best wedding rings are not a ring. They are more like a set of rings designed to work as layers. That doesn’t make them less interesting; the use of layers actually makes modern wedding rings more interesting.

Stacked and nested rings are also very popular right now. One ring will have the main diamond, while other nested rings expand the band and create unique design lines to admire. Some even go beyond stacking multiple rings and actually design them to fit each other perfectly.

Layers are great for adding dimension to your wedding ring. They are also versatile. You can choose to wear only the main band or all of the layers, giving you complete control over how your wedding ring looks when worn.

Yellow Gold

We’ve been focusing on white and rose gold rings for so long that we often dismiss yellow gold rings almost immediately. Well, yellow gold is making a huge comeback this year, with stunning pieces and great design lines making gold trendy again.

There is something about yellow gold that makes diamonds shine even brighter. Perhaps it’s the contrast or the natural shine of gold. It may also be the design – taking advantage of the yellow gold hue – that transforms how we see the rings.

Either way, top names like Ethan Lord – the best jeweler in Chicago – are beginning to release yellow gold pieces that are too stunning to miss. Besides, yellow gold is the ultimate symbol of timelessness.

Uniquely-Shaped Diamonds

The unique designs of today’s wedding rings are further amplified by the stones they use. Aside from using unique stones like sapphire and ruby, we are also seeing a huge increase in uniquely-shaped diamonds in wedding rings.

Gone are the day of conventionally-cut diamonds. Today, you can choose a diamond (or diamonds) shaped to be unique and memorable. If you really want to make your wedding ring special, you can also custom-order a diamond shape that goes perfectly with the band.

That is the biggest trend of them all: personalized wedding rings. You can combine multiple design trends that are hot in 2019 and create a truly unique wedding ring for your special day. More jewelers, including Ethan Lord we mentioned earlier, can handle the creation of custom wedding rings from start to finish. Go wild, explore these trends, and come up with ideas that will make your wedding rings exceptional.

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