The types of wedding officiants

There are different types of wedding officiants and you must choose the one as per your needs. Before you select your wedding officiant, you must know if he/she will perform the kind of wedding that you want.

  1. Religious wedding officiants:

For the couples who want their wedding ceremony to be religious, you must look for a religious wedding officiant. This type of wedding officiant is called a priest or a rabbi. You may also choose the officiant who belongs to the same church as you do. Also, it is easier to find religious wedding officiants because most of them do not want to diverge from their religious methodology.

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  1. Civil wedding officiants:

If you just want to get married officially, you might want to select the civil wedding officiant. Also, they will help you to get your marriage license made. They are basically the judge. They will be the witness of your wedding and this will help you get your marriage license easily. The civil officiant’s basic role or work is to legalize the marriages.

  1. Celebrant wedding officiants:

Celebrants are the persons who perform the formal wedding ceremonies. They can also perform other ceremonies like baby naming ceremony, renewing of the wedding vows, etc. The celebrant can be ordained person of a church who performs the religious ceremonies or he/she can be the judge.

  1. Interfaith wedding officiants:

The interfaith wedding officiants are not ordained by the people of the church, they work outside the church, for the community. Their role is to unite the people of different communities. They do not necessarily perform only religious weddings. They are more free minded and perform other wedding like- non religious marriages and the marriages between the people of same gender. They provide their service to the society.

  1. Friends or family members:

If you want your wedding to be performed by someone with whom you and your bride/groom are more comfortable with, you may want to choose this option. Here, the wedding is performed by your friends or family members. Your friend or family member may be ordained already or if not, he/she may undergo the official process and get ordained to perform your wedding. This option is very cost effective and easy. Is it an amazing thing that when you stand there on the stage for your wedding and the person performing it won’t be a different person, he/she will be a close friend of yours and what can be more wonderful than this?

If you are planning to get married in North Carolina, you will find all these types of wedding officiants easily. The wedding officiant in Asheville, NC will help you out with everything and will provide the best wedding services to you. Thank you for reading.


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