Top things to know about men’s footwear

Now days, both men and women have high demands of fashion accessories whether it is related to clothing or footwear. Footwear is generally an external covering for feet such as sandals, shoes, boots, etc. There are several companies which provide high quality of footwear which makes you feel comfortable. One such company (brand) is Gucci which deals with high quality Gucci shoes, sneakers and loafers. Gucci loafers are one of the best and popular loafers because of their high quality leather and enhanced designs which makes them durable and gives an aesthetic look.

Types of men’s footwear

  1. Moccasins – Moccasin is quite similar to that of loafers. Moccasins are generally made up of deerskin and soft leather. As heels are not found in moccasins thus they are more comfortable as compared to shoes and sneakers.
  2. Sneakers – Sneakers are commonly known as sports shoes. Sneakers are usually used in casual activities, sports and other physical activities. Sneakers are generally made up of rubber and leather. Rubber comprises the sole and the upper part is made up of leather. Sneakers prevent injury as the sole is made up of leather which reduces friction hence chances of slipping is reduced.
  3. Boat shoes – These shoes are mainly used on boat as the name itself suggests the same. Boat shoes have flat heel, offers good grip with water surface and are highly durable. Boat shoes are generally made up of leather. These shoes are mostly used by sailors and are worn without socks.
  4. Brogue shoes – Brogue shoes commonly known as wing tips shoes are mostly used by men in parties or ceremonies. They are purely made up of leather and are slightly heeled. Shape of brogue shoes is slightly different as compared to other footwear.

In addition to men, there are many others types of footwear for women also like ankle length boots which help them in enhancing their fashion trend.

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