Wear a Pearl Necklace Next Time to an Event to Add a Sophisticated Look

Pearl is back in style these days. Natural pearls are rare as it takes years to cultivate one hence, farmers are producing cultured pearls to maintain the demand of pearl industry. Pearl is one gem that goes with any attire as long as it is ethnic or contemporary. Even brides are now switching to pearl ornaments with their wedding gown as it not only makes it elegant but also can be treasured for years. Unlike any other metal that may lose its lustre, a good quality pearl retains its lustre as long as it is stored properly.

Ladies love jewellery, and so they try to create their own ideas with different accessories. It is difficult to use the same old design for years because fashion and style keeps changing. However, pearl ornaments remain the same no matter how many changes you make to it. Nowadays, women wear pearl necklaces with a diamond pendant attached to it. There are various ways of making your jewellery style unique.

Still, whether you buy a natural or cultured pearl necklace, there are few things to keep in mind –

  • Nacre
  • Lustre
  • Colour


Even if you’re buying a cultured pearl necklace, you still need to be sure about the coating of nacre on it. Pearls are formed by tiny particles that intrude into the oyster shell. These particles are covered with nacre. The number of films of nacre forms the pearl. If the nacre layers are more, the pearl will be bigger in size and have more lustre. Which means the cultivation was done for longer period and therefore its price increases as well.


Lustre is what determines the quality of any pearl. Artificial or fake pearls are coated with plastic to make it look natural. If you rub it on a rough surface, the coating will come out. However, pearl that is cultivated will have its lustre depending upon the coats of nacre on it. The shine will be bright and from every angle the lustre will be balanced.


Although there are various colours of pearls available in market, but natural pearls are mostly creamy white. Now there are pearls which are rosy pink, grey, black, green etc. wide range of colours help you to make your own choice, but they should be done from an authorised dealer so that even if your pearl set is dyed, they can give you warranty for the same.

If you keep your knowledge strong about the pearl industry, then you can buy an authentic pearl jewellery set. Wearing a unique piece in parties and events is what women dream of. Try making changes to your style and move to elegant and sophisticated pearl set.

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