Wedding Band 101: A Look into the Options

“Wedding Band 101” makes engagement and wedding band selections as easy as saying “yes” to the one you love. With the many styles, metals and greener options available, saying “I do” can be beautifully expressed, your way.


Engagement rings and wedding rings are as individual as you are, portraying, your love, character, and personal tastes.

It is handy to answer a few questions that help narrow down the many options engagement and wedding ring searches present. For example, do matching rings matter or are independent ring design and color choices a significant statement of preference? The kindest reality check here is to be as creative as you like. There are no jewelry rules to worry about where consecrating love’s commitment is concerned whether rings match or not. Speak to the hearts of both bride and groom, and it’s a win-win.

Traditionally, engagement and wedding rings for both bride, and groom match or complement each other in some similar way. Simple gold bands or family heirlooms will do nicely for sharing the sweetest statement of your love for one another.

If gemstones are desired, they can be placed and mounted similarly. Bridal sets and trio sets are also beautiful ways to follow in the footsteps of tradition and beauty.

For a more contemporary direction with gorgeous womens wedding band selections, think outside the box using mixed metals. Personal choices that tell a story heightens the uniqueness of any selection. Grooms-to-be may consider a handsome black tungsten carbide man’s ring to set the tone.


The best way to find that special ring or ring set is to speak with a reputable jeweler. Their design knowledge of fine metals, gemstones, colors, and textures will help smooth the search considerably.

Metals such as yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are the tip of the iceberg of fine metals options. Below are some valuable tidbits of color, care, cost and hypoallergenic aspects that can help define personal preference:


Yellow Gold: Easy maintenance and care.
24K – soft, alloyed with other metals, not usually a jewelry metal choice.
18K – harder than 24K, fewest added metals.
14K – harder than 18K
10K – harder than all above

White Gold: Yellow gold alloyed with metals such as zinc or nickel, reducing the yellow tint and is often plated with rhodium for additional strength and reflection.

Rose Gold: Contains copper for a soft reddish-pink hue.

Mixed Gold: A combination of two or more gold tones is also a beautiful look.


Platinum: Most rare and expensive, hypoallergenic, hard, dense, and durable, satiny-white-ish finish.

Palladium: Less rare and comparable to the white and yellow gold price point, hypoallergenic.

Titanium and Tungsten: Smoky-gray color with a sophisticated look, fixed sizes, durable.


Cobalt: 100% natural white, high strength and corrosion resistance, very tough

Black Tungsten Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Stainless Steel: Very durable, silver, black or gray allure.

Beautiful metals genuinely have a voice of design style. For those desiring added detail using diamonds and other gems, the world is your oyster. Color, clarity, sparkle, and shine of gorgeous stones add a whole new multi-dimensional allure to engagement and wedding rings. Mix and match diamonds with colorful stones. Designs are endless, and bling is bling!


An anniversary band gleaming with diamonds around the entire ring is a great way to look forward to your happy future’s wedding celebration or as a beautiful engagement ring. No matter what style you choose, it is the right one.

All that is left to be said is congratulations to the happy couple. May your days ahead sparkle and shine as much as the beautiful rings on your fingers. 

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