What Should You Consider Before Buying Loose Diamonds In Houston?

“Loose Diamond” is a diamond that is cut and polished. They are simple stones that are ready for sale. Loose diamonds can be mounted on any setting like a ring, earring, pendant and any piece of jewelry. These diamonds come in various shapes like round, emerald, radiant, princess and brilliant.

To inspect the loose diamond, you can determine its 4C’s that are color, carat, cut and clarity. Major companies certified the loose diamonds only. You can easily check the anatomy of a loose diamond.

Houston is famous for diamonds. It has a huge market which has a wide variety of Houston diamonds.If you are looking to buy a loose diamond or designer engagement diamond ring, Houston is the best place for shopping.There are many independent highly qualified and efficient jewelers in Houston. There are many options for a diamond jewelry shopper. Here, you can understand the technical details of a loose diamond.

Importance of Loose Diamonds

  • If you are feeling restricted by the pre-set jewelry options, loose diamonds give you wider options to create your unique piece.
  • Pre-set diamond jewelry leaves no room for creativity if you are looking for a personalized diamond ring or earring.
  • If your fiancé wants to have a custom ring for her engagement, then loose diamonds are the best option.
  • With preset jewelry, the options become limited that restrict for any major changes in the design.
  • You can check the authenticity of a loose diamond that is not possible in the pre-set diamond jewelry.

Points to be Taken into Consideration while Buying Loose Diamonds

  • There are many options of shapes available in loose diamonds. You can choose them according to your liking and preference and get them set into Jewelry.
  • Loose diamonds are available in many shapes like a cushion, Marquis, heart, pear, oval, Asscher and much more.
  • Select the best option available that suits you.
  • You can determine the clarity, cut, color and karat i.e. its anatomy in loose diamond only.
  • One the diamond is set in jewelry, then you cannot determine transparency, shine, and clarity of the diamond.
  • Select a jeweler who has knowledge and experience of the diamonds.
  • The jeweler must give you the assurance of quality and authenticity of diamonds.
  • Study the policies of the store like buy back and guaranty.

Uses of Loose Diamond

  1. Loose diamonds are used to customize the jewelry design of your choice.
  2. You can yourself create the designs of an engagement ring, bracelet, earring and any other piece of jewelry.
  3. If you want to upgrade your old jewelry, then these loose diamonds can help you to revamp your old jewelry into a designer diamond jewelry.
  4. Loose diamonds are often the source of investment for the businessmen.

P.S: You can find the best loose diamonds in Houston. Just find the right jeweler to customize your engagement ring.

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